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In Zoomate, the country of fire and the country of water — rivals who recently conducted a worldwide conflict — are in an uneasy peace thanks to a neutral third party that wants to wield power in order to maintain that peace. Unfortunately, the central power plant has been hacked, and now all three parties are grabbing for whatever power they can in order to bring victory to their side or (in the case of the third party) lock in a permanent stalemate between fire and water.
If fire or water gains control of three or more power switches by the end of the fifth turn, then they win; if neither does by game's end, then the neutral party has preserved peace and won.
Game Board x1
Doors Tokens x2
Animal Tiles x7
Animal Control Panels x7
Mind Control Effect Tiles x3
Faction Cards x9
Player Order Cards x7
Tile Standee x9 Action Cards x49
Round Indicator Card x1
Round Token x1

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    Designer: Ching Chun Hung
    Artist: N/A
    Publisher: Intelligent Monkey

    Players: 4-7
    Time: 20 Min
    Age: 10+

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    English Rules (link)

    French Rules (link)

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