Are you ready to cook a pot of delicious food? We all get to take a turn being chef in Wok on Fire!


Well, but how?

Wok on Fire! is an innovative "card-flipping" game where you will flip the cards on the table by a card in your hand! Using your "spatula" carefully to flip over the "ingredients" on the table. You may choose two of the face-up ingredients to add to your dishes.

With your well-trained frying moves and sharp eyes collecting the right combination of ingredients, you will be able to bring out the best dishes and win the game!

Wok on Fire

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  • Info

    Designer: Chen Po-Chiao (Poki Chen)
    Artist: Chen Po-Chiao (Poki Chen)
    Publisher: POKI Design

    Players: 2-4
    Time: 20 min
    Age: 7+

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    French Rules (link)
    Dutch Rules (link)
    Japanese Rules (link)

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