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Welcome to the Dress Up Show! You must change the colors of your outfits as fast as possible to match the assigned missions and score points. Some costumes have special colors and patterns. Can you beat the other players to be crowned the Dressing King/Queen?


In What to Wear? players use their colored plastic cards to match the colors and patterns shown on each mission card. Some missions require a bit knowledge of color mixing and reasoning. Get some practice and you may become the master of colors!



Character Cards x4

Mission Cards x32

Colored Plastic Films x48


What to Wear?

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    Designer: N/A
    Artist: N/A
    Publisher: Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Corp

    Players: 2-4
    Time: 15-20 Min
    Age: 4+

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    English Rules (link)

    French Rules (link)

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    Vedio Review by Tom Vasel (link)

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    Actin / Dexterity

    Children's Game


    Pattern Building