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The quiet village is no longer peaceful. Under the influence of a blood moon that appears once every hundred years, werewolves hiding amongst the villagers feel their blood flow and thirst for action. The cunning and sly werewolves do not easily reveal their hiding place, so how can the naive villagers survive? Will they opt for self-preservation — or stand up against the werewolves? As the night passes, players' survival instincts and quickness of mind are tested, and the treacherous and fickle villagers are the most unpredictable terror of this dark and eery night.

Village of Horror is a werewolf-themed card game in which players choose factions in the game and help their respective factions win by playing different cards. Only the winner will live to see the sun rise!

Village of Horror

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    Designer: Chiu Tacheng, Tsai Huei-Chiang
    Artist: Yiche Feng
    Publisher: Soso Studio

    Players: 2-5
    Time: 15-30 Min
    Age: 10+


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