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The Evil Spirits are coming! You must work together to fight the Demons and seal the Darkness Channel to send them back to the void. Meanwhile, you have to search for the crucial artifacts, “Divine Cloak” and “Staff of Desire,” to revive Mo-Niang’s spirit so that you can stand a chance to defeat the ultimate Boss and save the world!


The Apocalypse of Darkness Warfare is a cooperative card game based on a popular comics book of the same name in Taiwan. You will play as the leading characters in the story and search for the crucial artifacts to revive the legendary Goddess Mo-Niang and defeat the Demons. 


In this game, player take turns to do the following:
1. Draw 2 cards from the deck. If a Demon is drawn, place it in front of you.
2. Perform as many actions as you wish, including:
 (1) Play an Item card to execute its effect (e.g., Search)
 (2) Play Action cards to defeat Demons in front of you
 (3) Activate your special ability or equipped Items

Players need to also search the Resolution deck to collect all artifacts so that they can revive Mo-Niang's spirit. Therefore, they have a chance to defeat the Boos and win the game!


Character cards x4
Guardian cards x2
Vegetable Rice cards x2 (for 3-player games)
Mission cards x2
Descent of Demons card x1
Boss card x1
Greater Demon cards x6
Action cards x31 (Demon x7, Event x4)
Resolution cards x22
Hakka Goddess Promo card x1
Rule sheets x2 (EN/CH)

The Apocalypse of Darkness Warfare

  • Info

    Designer: Chih-Fan Chen
    Artist: Tsung-Cheng Wei
    Publisher: Taiwan Boardgame Design, Antler Studio

    Players: 3-4
    Time: 30-40 min
    Age: 12+

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  • Categories

    • Cooperation
    • Hand Management
    • Push Your Luck
    • Comic Books
    • Fighting

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