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1935, Taipei City - a wondrous place that is as beautiful as a dream. Even in a dream, it sparkles and glimmers like no others. In the corner of this dream-like city stood a small coffee shop named Bai-Hua-Tang (a.k.a. "A Hall of a Hundred Paintings").

One day, the owner of the shop disappeared without a trace. As the loyal customers of the shop, you must search every spot in Taipei City for clues and bring the owner back for the worried maids. With your brilliant detective skills, can you find the whereabouts of the wandering owner?


In Scrolls of A Northern City, players travel around the city to reveal Clue Cards or ask for help from the maids or friendly strangers. Some Mystical Spirits in the city will also assist your investigation. Players must race to be the first to correctly guess the numbers on all 3 set-aside Clue Cards to win the game!


Solitaire rules are also available in the game. At the beginning of the game, setting up a mosaic card pyramid pile formed by all Yellow cards faceup while Red and Purple cards facedown. Red and Purple cards will be revealed only when they are not covered by other cards. You play the role of the owner of the shop to move around the city according to Yellow card numbers, and then discard the revealed Red and Purple cards corresponding to the city spots. Challenge yourself to reveal the hidden Clue Cards one after the other in a way that can lead you to as far to the top of the pyramid as possible so that you can find out the numbers of the 2 set-aside Clue Cards!


Scrolls of A Northern City is based on a popular comic book of the same title in Taiwan. The story is comprised of 3 short fantasies set in the time of the 1930s in Taipei, Taiwan. The author, AKRU, depicts the story around a coffee shop owner who is a medium for the mysterious spirits with her gentle brushstrokes, instilling both the historical background and the sentiments of the characters in a dream-like romance.

Scrolls of a Northern City

  • Info

    Designer: Chu-Lan Kao
    Artist: AKRU
    Publisher: Antler Studio

    Players: 1-5
    Time: 30-40 min
    Age: 12+

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    • Deduction
    • Puzzle
    • Solitaire

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