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**Promenade Limited edition is out of print. There won’t be a reprint in the near future. Thanks for your support!
Promenade, the game of impressionist art.
Promenade is a light strategy deck-builder game for 2 to 4 painting collectors. The goal is to manipulate marketing value by acquiring paintings in the galleries and exhibiting them in the museum. When the game ends, the player with most victory points wins the game.
Promenade is an economic deck-builder. Unlike any deck-building game, it has two currencies, painting and gold. Players can use paintings to buy more paintings and exhibit paintings. Through these actions, paintings in players deck will increase in gold value and victory points. In addition, there is no trash of cards in the game. When players use the special ability on the gold card, the card is out of the game. And when paintings are exhibited in the museum, they are out of players deck and placed in the museum. Players receive points immediately and those cards will help trigger museum end game bonus.
Game Board x1
Cost Tokens x16
Market Rating Board x1 
Museum Bonus x13
Pouch x1
Exhibition Invitatin Tokens x21
Market Rating Tokens x6
Play Painting Tokens x20
Player Meeples x40
Player Boards x4
Promenade Cards x75
Promenade Gold Cards x22
Player Starting Gold Cards x20
Additional 3-Gold Cards Expansion
Gold Rush Expansion
Private Exhibition Expansion
Private Collection Expansion
The Client Expansion
Only 200 copies were produced, and we have only 20 copies in stock. Every copy was numbered.

Promenade Limited Edition

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    Designer: Ta-Te Wu
    Artist: Ta-Te Wu
    Publisher: Sunrise Tornado Game Studio

    Players: 2-4
    Time: 45-60 Min
    Age: 10+


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