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With the development of cities, energy becomes more and more important. In Power On!, players should create power plants to supply energy for every city efficiently. There are four kinds of power plants players can select: coal-fired, natural gas, nuclear and renewable-energy power plants. Each kind of power plants has its pros and cons. As the game end, player who obtain the most points would win the game.
Notice that when player use coal-fired or natural gas power plants to produce energy, he/she have to pile the "CO2 emission" token and make a "carbon tower", which will be getting higher and higher. If the carbon tower collapses, players would pay the price for global warming!
Action Cards x61
City Cards x15
Player Aid Cards x4
Energy Conversion Reference Card x1
Carbon Cubes x24
Action Tokens x3
Rulebook x1

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Power On!

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    Designer: Tao-Tao Chen, Yen-Lin Chen, Yu-Xuan Su, An-Qi Zheng
    Artist: Masha Tace
    Publisher: Homosapiens Lab

    Players: 2-4
    Time: 30-50 Min
    Age: 6+


    BGG (link)

    English Rules (link)

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