Neon is a 2-player game about speed and memory. Can you put the cards of the same number together to gain the bonus under time pressure?


Shuffle and split the deck of 54 cards between the players. Each player lays down a 3x3 grid with the center card faceup. Both players act simultaneously to reveal one card from their deck at a time and use it to replace any one card in their gird. Keep replacing cards (and of course memorizing their numbers) until their deck runs out.


Victory points are rewarded in 3 ways:

1. Be the first to run out their deck.

2. Have a lower sum of their 9 cards in the gird.*

3. Win more "battles" against the opponent in the 3 columns.


The fun part of Neon is, if you can place cards of the same number next to each other (the more the merrier), you will gain bonus that reduces your sum!


Play multiple rounds until someone earns 5 VP and wins!



Neon cards x54

Neon tokens x9

Rulesheet x1


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    Designer: Odd Hackwelder
    Artist: Odd Hackwelder
    Publisher: Hacko Games

    Players: 2
    Time: 20 Min
    Age: 8+

    English rules (link)
    Chinese rules (link)

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    • 2 players
    • Speed
    • Memory
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