Ever since these mystical seeds were discovered, botanists around the world have been researching and experimenting with them to cultivate amazing plants. What are the properties of these plants? What new possibilities can be cultivated?


In Mystical Seeds, players are botanists conducting research on mystical seeds. By collecting seeds and grafting them together, players gain further understanding of their mystical properties. When players are able to cultivate a magnificent new plant worthy of academic acclaim, they publish their findings to garner widespread prestige. In the end, the botanist with the greatest prestige wins the game!


Mystical Seeds

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  • Info

    Designer: Chang Yu Di, Ku Chun Wei, Wang Liang
    Artist: Lin Shi-Feng, Kai Ng
    Publisher: 2Plus Games

    Players: 2-4
    Time: 30-50 min
    Age: 8+

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    English Rules (link)

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  • Categories

    • Resource Management
    • Resource Conversion
    • Pattern Building
    • Set Collection
    • Color Mixing