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Mooncake season is almost here! You and your fellow apprentices are gathering to see who can create the most beautiful mooncakes while catering to fussy customers.


Over three rounds, players simultaneously draw, share, and fit Mooncake quarter tiles, creating beautiful mooncakes for judging as well as for selling to customers. Mooncake Master is a light-hearted interactive tile-laying game that brings gamers and families together, and not just for the mooncake season!


Mooncake Master EU

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    Designer: Daryl Chow
    Artist: @launshae
    Publisher: Origame

    Players: 2-6
    Time: 20-30 Min
    Age: 10+

    BGG (link)
    English Rules (link)
    French Rules (link)

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    • Card Drafting
    • Pattern Building
    • Tile Placement
    • Asian Theme
    • Food / Cooking