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Team cats or team dogs? You tell me!


Kung Fur Fight is a fast-paced two-player card game where you will take on the roles of Monk Dogs and Ninja Cats to fight for the glory!


Each round, you will assign your furry fellows in teams to combat in three arenas. The winner of each combat will gain victory points and bonus cards that might bring you new allies and useful items to get the upper hand. You also need to carefully choose the leader of each team because all these furry fighters have got some really cool Kung Fu to bend the combat rules.


So, raise your paws and fight for the clan!



Scoring Board x1

Arena Board x1

Player Boards x2

Animal Cards x25

Achievement Cards x14

Item Cards x9

Player Screen x2

Wooden Faction Tokens x6

Tokens x35

Rulebook x1


Kung Fur Fight EU

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  • Info

    Designer: Po-Jen Hsieh, Yunus Hsieh
    Artist: Rolling Leafy Creative Studio
    Publisher: Enjoy Thinking Studio

    Players: 2
    Time: 20-30 Min
    Age: 10+


    BGG (link)
    English Rules (link)

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    • Hand Management
    • Simultaneous Action Selection
    • Take That
    • Tug of War