Geometric Art is a drawing party game where everyone takes turns to guess the other players' "artwork" composed of simple geometric symbols!


In each round, a specific theme is announced. One player will be the guesser and all the others must draw a piece of "artwork" with the symbols rolled on the dice (triangles, squares, etc). If the guesser successfully "deciphers" your artwork by calling its correct name, you both scores points. Too many wrong answers will result in a premature ending of the game though.


Unlike traditional drawing games where painting talent is somehow required, Geometric Art asks for more about your "inspiration in the simplest forms."

Geometric Art

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    Designer: Romain Caterdjian, Hsu Wun Hao, Eros Lin
    Publisher: EmperorS4 Games

    Players: 3-5
    Time: 10-30 Min
    Age: 7+

    BGG (link)
    English Rules (link)

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    • Drawing (only shapes and lines)
    • Dice Rolling
    • Guessing

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