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Fortune City is a board game adapted from the same-name app which is one of the best practices of gamification that combines accounting and city-building in a brilliant way. Each expense you made will grow and upgrade specific buildings in your virtual city. Plan your daily purchases well so that you can build up an amazing Fortune City in your phone!


In this game, you will acquire different types of buildings, send workers to run the shops, upgrade your transportation system, and plan the routes for your cute little truck to clean up the whole city! This light-hearted family game welcomes gamers of all ages to build their own city of fortune!



Game Board x1

Goods/Building Tiles x44

Starting Goods x4

Bank Buildings x8

Starting Player Marker x1

Gold Coins x8

Silver Coins x54

Diamonds x32

Player Boards x4

Delivery Trucks x4

Player Markers x4

Expense Track Markers x16

Credit Cards x4

Citizen Meeples x48

VIP Citizen Meeples x6

Garbage x18

Draw Bag x1

Pad of Score Sheets x1


Fortune City EU

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  • Info

    Designer: Chih-Fan Chen
    Artist: N/A
    Publisher: BigFun Games

    Players: 2-4
    Time: 30-45 Min
    Age: 12+


    BGG (link)
    English Rules (link)

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  • Categories

    • Tile and Meeple Drafting
    • City Building
    • Route Building
    • Tile Placement