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At the intersection of northeastern and southeastern Asia exists a mysterious and peculiar island, it's called Formosa. Throughout this wonderful landscape, mountains, plains, and hills of all shapes and sizes exist under a subtropical environment that is especially optimal for growing fruits. In fact, fruits are available for harvest every season on this island and with the proper cultivation, delicious crops can be produced throughout the year.


In Harvest Island, players take on the role of cultivators, sowing seeds in different types of fields under varying weather conditions in order to maximize their harvests. Using the knowledge gained from weather forecasting, players must harvest their crops at the proper time in order to become the best cultivator the land has ever seen!

Harvest Island

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  • Info

    Designer: Chih-Fan Chen
    Artist: Cinyee Chiu
    Publisher: Big Fun Games

    Players: 2-4
    Time: 30-40 Min
    Age: 8+

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