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Cat Sudoku 8x10 is a new expansion that comes with a cat sudoku puzzle on an 8" x 10" dry erase 320 gsm embossed black core stock cardboard, with a print of the cat on the backside. There are 4 Roll for Kyoto and 6 Roll for Clouds map designs, up to 10 different challenges for all cat and sudoku lovers.

On each map, there will be one premium print of one super cute Kaiami Cat Sudoku cat of your choice and a matching puzzle on the other side. So, choose the cat(s) you love and enjoy some breezy sudoku games with those adorable cats!


==== About the Original game - Cat Sudoku ====


Cat Sudoku is a roll-and-write sudoku game for 1 to 6 players. In the game, players take turns to roll four dice and all players simultaneously write the numbers on their sudoku puzzle papers. Similar to traditional Sudoku, players should avoid putting the same number into the same row or column in their puzzle, or they will get minus points! But there's more! Pay attention to the diagonal spaces to stay out of the troubles! The game ends when players fill in all the spaces in the puzzle. The player with the highest points wins the game.


Cat Sudoku comes with 4 different Sudoku puzzles (themed with 4 seasons of Kyoto) at 3 different difficulty levels so that you can enjoy the game with a variety of gaming groups.


Cat Sudoku 8x10

  • Info

    Designer: Ta-Tw Wu
    Artist: Kaiami
    Publisher: Sunrise Tornado Studio

    Players: 1-6
    Time: 15-20 Min
    Age: 8+

    BGG (link)
    Clouds - English Rules (link)
    English Rules (link)
    French Rules (link)
    German Rules (link)
    Spanish Rules (link)
    Chinese Rules (link)

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  • Category

    • Sudoku
    • Roll & Write
    • Puzzle
    • Cats

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