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Cat Rescue is a cooperative card game for 1-4 players. During the game, players take turns to pick up a cat from the street or rescue home and slide it into the cat shelter of a 4 x 4 grid in the center of the table. When there are three or four cats of the same color in a row or column, cats in the middle are flipped over and now ready for adoption. When the flipped-over cats are pushed out of the grid, they are adopted to their new loving home. 

The game ends when the deck is depleted or when a rescue home has three cats. Players together receive a "Cat Rescue" title based on the number of cats that are flipped and adopted.

*The content of Travel Edition is the same as the Deluxed Edition except for the cardboard box.

Stray Cats x26
Delivery Card x1
Shelter Tokens x4
Pouch x1
Rulebook x1

Cat Rescue: Travel Edition

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  • Info

    Designer: Ta-Te Wu

    Artist: Kaiami

    Publisher: Sunrise Tornado Game Studio


    Players: 1-4
    Time: 15-30 Min
    Age: 8+


    BGG (link)

    How to Play Video (link)

    Rules: English(link) / German (link) / French (link) / Dutch (link) / Italian (link) / Greek (link) / Japanese (link)

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    Cooperative Play

    Pattern Building

    Set Collection


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