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Banana Man is going to work! But do you know what items he needs for his work? Let's find out!
Banana Man Goes to Work is a kids game for the young players to recognize the relationship between different occupations and their equipments and clothing. Place all 20 occupation cards face up on the table. Shuffle all item cards to from a face-down deck. Each round one item card is revealed. All players simultaneously try to identify which occupation has all four items shown on the card. The first player to shout out the name of the occupation and imitate his/her gesture successfully can claim the item card for scoring. When all item cards are exhausted (or play with a preferred number of cards), the player who has claimed the most cards wins!
Occupation Cards x20
Equipment Cards x40
Rulesheet x1

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Banana Man Goes to Work

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    Designer: Tonia Tsai
    Artist: Banana Man
    Publisher: Organics Based on Ideas (OBOI)

    Players: 2-6
    Time: 15 Min
    Age: 4+

    BGG (link)

    English Rules (link)

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    Children's Game

    Pattern Recognition