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UK Virtually Expo is here!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

We've been to UKGE two times and loved the vibe so much!

No too much fish & chips eaten, but so many sweet gamers and cool kids met. To revive the hype, we would like to bombard you with some photos from last year. :)

It's a shame that we cannot visit Birmingham this year. But we are so happy to see the organizer building up such a strong force to drive publishers and gamers together to enjoy gaming online in UK Virtually Expo.

We don't have any scheduled events during the Expo, just some listings of the new games we will release in Spiel.Digital (and we will have events during Spiel.Digital!).

However, to celebrate the very first and successful UK Virtually Expo (to come), we offer you a special sale till the end of August --

Enter "UKGE20" on the check-out page, you will gain a 20% discount for your order!

Look forward to all the exciting events this weekend. Hope you will enjoy the Expo as much as we will!



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