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Stay at home and play more games!

During these troubled times, Let's work together to get through the storm.

2020 will be a year we can never forget. COVID-19 (a.k.a. Wuhan virus) has stormed the world and caused a pandemic that we would have only imagined in the world of games or movies. But it's REAL. People are suffering and losing their loved ones EVERY DAY. Here in Taiwan, we had an early alert dated back on December 30 in 2019, due to the geographical proximity to China. Our government took immediate and strong acts to set up the guidelines for the unknown disease (at that time) and our people were aware of the urgency and were willing to wear surgical masks whenever we went out to the public.

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control holds one to two press conferences every day to update all the incidents and traces down all the potential individuals with contact history with the patients. It might seem a bit overreacted if you looked at what our government was doing in the early stage of this war against the virus, but that's because we had learned a bitter lesson from SARS in 2003... So far there are 339 COVID-19 positive patients and 5 deaths in Taiwan. The number increases by ~10 every day. The situation is under control and we can still go to work and school as usual. We are grateful to people who fight the virus in the frontline and people who build up the strong defense and supply system to support our homeland.​ Most of the gaming events and conventions had been postponed or canceled worldwide. And many more are waiting for the final call to make the decision. We are sad that we can't see our beloved gamer friends around the world for a while. But we are willing to wait. Wait for the day when we can hug and hop together when this war against the invisible enemy comes to a solid end!​ We know the storm will end. We know things will get better. We don't know exactly when, but we can stay together, well I meant, stay at home, to help ourselves and help the health care system to hang on until the cure is found! (If you played Pandemic before then you know buying time is CRUCIAL!) To encourage you to stay at home and help you get through the self-isolation days, we have some discounts on our games. Check it out if you want to try something new! Happy gaming, AT HOME! Best wishes from your friends from Taiwan. #TAIWANcanhelp

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