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Speedy Unboxing Video of Kung Fur Fight

Every year, there will be a few new designers and publishers joining TBD to showcase their new games in Essen Spiel. Po-Jen Hsieh and Yunus Hsieh, the designer brother and sister from Enjoy Thinking Studio, are two of the rookies going Essen this year. With two games already published in Taiwan, they are not naive in game design at all. They are excited to present you their new game -- Kung Fur Fight!

Kung Fur Fight is a 2-player game where you and your opponent will lead the CAT and the DOG team, respectively, to fight each other with spectacular Kung Fu moves! The gorgeous illustration of those furry fellows are perfect disguise of this cutthroat card-driven combat game. Before we go into too much details, please have a look at this Speedy Unboxing Video of Kung Fur Fight!

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