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Speedy Unboxing Video of Electropolis

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Our long-term partner Homosapiens Lab had brought you some great games like Flip City, Ponzi Scheme, Dairyman, Dice Fishing: Roll & Catch, My Story, and MeowMeow Mia in the past few years.

This year, they present you another amazing games, "ELECTROPOLIS."

In this game, players will choose their turn order in the beginning of every round, and then draft one development card and 3-6 building tiles to expand their city. The gamer's dilemma is, the later your turn order is, the more tiles you can get. But drafting after everyone else, you might be left with tiles that do no good, or even harm to you. (Nobody likes too much air pollution, huh?)

We will tell you more about this super intense and interactive city-building game in the future posts. For now, you may watch this Speedy Unboxing Video and download the rules for your bedtime reading! :-)

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