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Re-cap of Moonlight Boardgame Festival (photo-heavy!)

We are very very blessed to be able to have an "analog" boardgame convention, Moonlight Boardgame Festival, happening in late August in Kaohsiung, a southern harbor city in Taiwan.

There was a typhoon alert that week and the rain was heavy during the weekdays. However, the God of Boardgames seems to miss physical convention so much that he/she granted us three shiny but breezy days that were perfect for people to come out from their homes.

Setup was a breeze, even though it had been a while without a con.

It's the third year of Moonlight Fes, and the previous two took place around June, right before the students' summer vacation. This year, due to COVID-19, Moonlight Fes was expected to be canceled. But thanks to our government and people (who learned a bitter lesson from SARS in 2003), the pandemic was very well contained in Taiwan through early intervention and strict execution of all kinds to anti-transmission measures. To date, there are only 7 deaths and we didn't have any lockdown.

Famous and DELICIOUS rice dumplings, rice pudding, and pork belly soup that are the MUST for Moonlighters. :)

Starting from May or June, large-scale social and commercial activities were allowed if certain guidelines were strictly followed. So we had 150BG.CON in early August and then Moonlight Fes at the end of August.

A late night hangout in the nearby harbor.

This year Moonlight Fes was a bit smaller due to the lack of international exhibitors. We used to have publishers from Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China showcasing their new games and testing the water on the Taiwanese market. It's a real shame that we missed this international vibe due to COVID-19.

There were about 40+ exhibitors this year. The overall attendees were (I guess) around 1,500+. Not a big con. But at least we had one. :-P

Sales booth, demo tables, big smiles on the faces. So much joy to be found in a boardgame convention.
New games to be played and bought.

The scope was expanding in the previous years and we look forward to welcoming more and more Asian publishers to join the show. The unfortunate set back this year was hitting not only the industry badly but also the environment we had been gradually building up for gamers and casual players. We hope the situation will get better soon.

In local conventions, TBD doesn't have to carry too many titles, becuase most of our partners can handle their own sales at their booths! Ain't it great to have a convention at home! :)

So this time we brought some games from designers who are not in Taiwan (Te-Ta Wu in LA) or who don't have enough games to justify a solo booth (Poki Chen, Hack).

A few new games about cats, wolves, pigs, and Taiwanese Goddess for Moonlighters to enjoy.

In addition to those games, we were also proud to present TBD's very first co-published game - The Apocalypse of Darkness Warfare. The game is based on popular comic books 《冥戰錄》 in Taiwan. Players cooperate to save the Goddess Mo-Niang and defeat the demons to save the world (What a story! :P).

We will show it during SPIEL.Digital. So, more info is coming soon. ;-)

During that weekend, we had great fun demoing our games, playing some new titles, having delicious food and drink, and hanging out with old and new friends. Here are some photos to share with you. :)

Ok, that's pretty much of this short re-cap of Moonlight Boardgame Festival. We hope these photos provide some joy for you, too.

The whole boardgame community is busy preparing for SPIEL.Digital which will tale place during October 22-25. We will also be there with a few new releases from our partners (a growing list of games here). So we'll see you online soon!

Smoox, Poki, and Wang at Moonlight Boardgame Festival (left to right).

See you under the next MOONLIGHT. :)

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