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Kung Fur Fight Intro Video

In Kung Fur Fight, one player will lead the Ninja Cats and the other will lead the Shaolin Dogs to fight for their furry glory!

Each faction comes with 6 unique Cat or Dog fighters who have super cool Kung Fu that can help you bend the rules in your favor. The battles between different fighters will result in so much variety in the game!

In addition to these Cats and Dogs, there are 7 other animal Mercenaries with strong powers waiting to be recruited under your team.

Tai-Chi Panda?

Invincible Tumaz Bear?

Rabbit Archer Himiko?

We've got them all!

All the furry (and some non-furry) fellows are so cute that we can't stop sharing their photos! :)

The publisher Enjoy Thinking Studio now presents you the intro video with English contents to walk you through all the components in the game.

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