• Smoox Chen

BGG Live Streaming at SPIEL.Digital 2020

Two weeks ago SPIEL.Digital was happening online. As an exhibitor in the event, we tried to present our new releases to gamers around the world but the digital form of Spiel is so different from the traditional analog ones, and it was so difficult to attract people to your "booth" to discover your games.

Before the COVID-19 is properly contained on a worldwide scale, we have to adapt to the digital ways to run a booth for a not-too-short period of time. And there is so much to learn and improve.

For example, we joined Eric Martin for the BGG live stream during SPIEL.Digital to demo a few of our new games, like what we always did in Essen. But to talk to a person on your laptop screen and have another helping hand in a remote location moving the components around the table (thanks a lot Lincoln and his hands!) is REALLY HARD to synchronize the content. Not to mention how difficult it could be for a non-native speaker to tell or take jokes remotely. :D

The BGG team had once again done an amazing job pulling together high-quality live stream shows under this peculiar situation. The individual clips are edited and uploaded to their BoardGameGeek Express channel for you to watch anytime you want.

A couple of our videos are up, too. If you're interested, please spend some time watching the videos and leave some feedback here or under the youtube page so that we can learn from more opinions.

We're preparing for an online event dedicating to the new games from Taiwanese publishers, in the forms of pre-recorded interviews, Tabletipa gaming, and more. In the meantime, we welcome you to join our Discord server to stay connected with our publishers and designers. We look forward to meeting you online soon, and in the real world in the near future. :)

Stay safe, and happy gaming! Smoox

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