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A walk-through of the 150 Boardgame Con (video)

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

As promised, here is a short video clip of the 150 Boardgame Con yesterday (August 2, 2020)!

There were 15 indie designers showing off 18 new games to the general public and every game was sold at 150 NTD ($5 USD). In this 5-hr mini convention, around 300 copies of games were sold!

The convention was organized by Tsai Huei-Chiang (Soso Studio) and I (Smoox) whose intention was to encourage designers to craft their ideas out of their mind into a reality.

Brainstorming, note-taking, excel spreadsheets, will not become a good game until you start making prototypes.

Hand-crafting 10-20 copies to test the water is also a good way to exercise the MVP (minimum viable products) model, before printing 1,000 copies of games that didn't ignite sparkles in the gamers' eyes.

We didn't have time to play any of these games yesterday but we did buy one copy of EACH GAME from the designers. We will play all of them this week. Hope there are some treasures hidden in the zip bags & brown boxes!

Until next time!


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