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150 Boardgame Con, or a convention where all games are sold at $150 NT dollars.

Sunday, August 2, will be the 3rd 150 Boardgame Con held in Taipei, Taiwan. As the name suggests, all games will be sold at $150 NTD (about $3 USD) in the convention! This special con is dedicated to indie designers' hand-crafted self-assembled games. We can't wait to explore some funny hipster games!

Here I'll introduce all of those 150-dollar games shortly. We will try to make a walk-through video to share with you the energy and hype in a small boardgame convention.

#1 War & Write

Designed by Wei-Chen Cheng, the designer of Mini WWII (aka Domination by Phalanx Games), and two rookie designers Jerry Lee and Jay Barnardo (Cardboard East). Write down your commands in secret to send your troops to conquer the world!

Quoted from Jay: "We wanted a fast fun war game that feels like a party game. It’s everything I loved about Diplomacy, but in 30 minutes, no thrown furniture, and no broken friendships."

#2 Listen It!

Play as a doctor in the forest who needs to diagnose the patient's disease by asking crucial questions!

#3 Designers

Hiring all sorts of designers to finish your projects for the win!

#4 Movie Theater

In this roll & write game, you are in charge of assigning seats in the movie theater. Can you manage all the crazy demands from the customers?

#5 Campaign Manager: Taipei

In this roll & write game, you need to earn the votes from the people to win the major campaign in Taipei!

#6 RPS Kung Fu

Rock, paper, scissors! That's all you need to be crowned the Kung Fu Master!

#7 Small Empires

A game from Bob Yang, the designer of Kung Fu, Dungeon Duel, Throne of the World, and many more. In this tiny war game, you will lead your faction to take down the opponent's basecamp.

#8 Five Elements

A game from Eros Lin (EmperorS4 Games), the designer of Burano, Round House, and Jigūan: The Eastern Mechanist. A challenging two-player game where you need to carefully plan the movement of the five elements in your favor to score points!

#9 Animal tracks

A two-player game where the hunter and the animals try to outwit each other to survive...

#10 Game of Numbers

Memory and Math, two factors that bother so many people in gaming LOL. Curious to see how the designer mixes them with FUN!

#11 Animals War

A game about deduction and bluffing among all those cute animals. Can you see through other masterminds' evil lies?

#12 The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

Co-designed by Poki Chen (Colorful Treasure, Wok on Fire) and Smoox Chen (My Story). Centuries after the well-known story about the big bad wolf, things are very different and the little wolves now have to build houses for the big bad pig! What a story! LOL

#13 The Forbidden Creeds

Brought to you by Homo Sapiens Lab. This picture clearly shows you how these 150-dollar games are handcrafted by the designers. Keep it raw and fresh!

#14 Speed Dating

Another 150-dollar game designed by Bob Yang. A hilarious party game where everyone has to find their date through quick questions and speedy matches. Can you find your love tonight? <3

#15 Emo-emo

Quirky creatures living in the field who devour everything they see. Love the simple artwork that properly represents the 150-dollar-game style!

#16 The Wacky World

Love the artwork!

#17 Lost in the Grids

A coop that challenges players to get out of the maze by playing the right card on the right spot at the right time! The laser-cut components are gorgeous, especially in a 150-dollar game. :)

That's all for this #150bgcon, phew!

We're so blessed to be able to host an "analog" convention in Taiwan during these difficult times. But we need to take extra care to ensure everyone's safelty. Wearing masks are required in the event tomorrow. We hope everyone stays safe and has tons of fun playing games around the table.

Until next time!

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