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Pre-orders for Essen Pick-up

1. Do I have to pay in advance?

Ans: Yes, please complete the payment online.

We should't spend too much time exchanging money and coins but playing more games!

2. How do you know what have I ordered?

Ans: Please show our booth counter staff your electronic receipt. We will have your information in hand.

3. Where and when should I go to pick up my games?

Ans: We are in Hall 5, Booth C122 & C123 in Essen Spiel 2019. You may come to pick up your games during 10:00-19:00 from Thursday (Oct 24) to Saturday (Oct 26), or 10:00-12:00 on Sunday (Oct 27). After Sunday noon we will release all the pre-ordered items for direct sales at our booth.

4. What if I cannot/forgot to pick up my games?

And: We will ship the games to you at your cost.

If you cannot come to pick up your pre-order before Sunday noon, we will contact you after Spiel and arrange a shipment to your address after receiving your payment for the shipping fee. Your enjoyment will come a bit late but the excitement from the games won't expire. ;-)

Pre-orders for Shipping

1. When will my games be delivered?

Ans: Early to mid November.

After our team come back to Taiwan from Essen Spiel, we will begin the shipment of all Essen pre-orders, including European customers fulfilled by Meeple Logistics from France.

2. I want to order more games after the first order. What should I do?

Ans: We can combine your orders for a single shipment.

TBD partners with 10+ publishers to bring their games to Essen Spiel, and not all their games will be ready early enough to be put on this online shop. So it's very likely that you see new games uploaded and want to place another order. If this happens to you, please contact us directly and we will let you know how much shipping fee you should add to your new order with proper discount. 

3. My country is not listed in the dropdown menu?

Ans: Please contact us and we will figure that out for you. Thanks!


1. Do your games have English rules and English texts on the cards?

Ans: Yes.

All our games will come with full color formatted English rulebook and English version of cards/components, if any.

We will upload the English rules to each of the product page when it becomes available. We encourage you to read them first before you order.

2. Shipping is expensive. Will your games be available in my FLGS (friendly local games store)?

Ans: Probably not.

We have worked with some retailers in the US and Europe who stocked our Essen releases in small quantity every year. When their stock runs out, it's not easy for them to restock in small scales. That's why this year we work with Maple Logistics to provide warehousing and fulfillment service for European customers to more easily get our games at a better shipping price. We will try to find partners in other continents to make our games more accessible to you.

If you have any contacts that might be helpful, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. Thanks!

3. Do you provide any discount?

Ans: Yes! 

For the order of €60 or more, you may enter the coupon code: ESSEN19 at check-out, to get €5 discount!

We have also added a new product page where you may buy ALL 4 Cat Sudoku Tees for €70. That's a €10 discount! (And you may apply the ESSEN19 code to save €5 more!)