*Due to COVID-19, we can only ship the parcel from Taiwan to the following destinations: Most countries in Asia, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, and UK.

If you are not in the above regions and still want to place an order, please contact us and we will provide the shipping quote from DHL which can deliver to most countries but at a higher cost.

If you live in Europe, you may check out our "French Warehouse" page with a massive discount on selected items that can be delivered to you from France.

1. Do your games have English rules and English texts on the cards?

Ans: Yes.

All our games will come with full color formatted English rulebook and the English version of cards/components.

We will upload the English rules to the product page when they become available. We encourage you to read them first before you order.

2. Shipping is expensive. Will your games be available in my FLGS (friendly local games store)?

Ans: Probably not.

We have worked with some retailers in the US and Europe who stocked our Essen releases in small quantities every year. When their stock runs out, it's not easy for them to restock in small scales. We have some stocks in France and if you live in Europe, you can get some discounts if all the items in your order are available in our French warehouse. You can learn more details at "European Delivery."

We will try to find partners in other continents to make our games more accessible to you.

If you have any contacts that might be helpful, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. Thanks!

3. Do you provide any discount?

Ans: Yes! 

If your order is destined in a European address, and all the items are from the "French Warehouse" page in your order, you can enjoy discounts if your order exceeds:

€40 - 10% OFF (Coupon code: Euro40)

€80 - 20% OFF (Coupon code: Euro80)

€120 - 30% OFF (Coupon code: Euro120)

If your order is destined outside Europe, you can enjoy a 10% OFF discount if your order exceeds €50.

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