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Essen Spiel 2019 preorder begins!

Pick up your games at our booth in Hall 5, C122

Or have them shipped to you after Essen Spiel.

This year TBD partners with 12 publishers from Taiwan to bring you more than 15 new games in Essen Spiel 2019!

We've got Euro-style worker placement games, light-hearted dice-rolling kung fu fighting games, cuteness-overloaded CATS and DOGS games, every-publisher-must-have-some roll & write games, as well as sweet and fun kids games. You are more than welcome to visit our booth in Hall 5, C122 & C123 (the same place as last year) to try them out and bring them home!

We ship the games from Taiwan via sea freight (the container just left the warehouse on August 31!) and air freight (scheduled in mid October) to the fair. It's not easy for us to estimate the proper quantity for each game, and that's why 100+ copies of Cat Rescue was sold out on Thursday noon last year! Please preorder early so that we can prepare enough for all of you. 

To preorder, simply put the items in your cart, choose "Essen Pick-up" or your shipping destination, and pay with PayPal or credit cards, then you are all good. 

  • For Essen Pick-up, please show us your electronic receipt to claim your order. We will keep them until Sunday, October 27, 12:00 noon. If you cannot pick up your preorders, we will kindly ask you to pay for the shipping fee and send the parcel to you at our earliest convenience.

  • For shipping worldwide, please choose your country at check out, fill in all the details, and we will ship out your games in early November, when all our new games are ready to be delivered.

For the order of €60 or more, you may enter the coupon code: ESSEN19 at check-out, to get €5 discount!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at taiwanbgdesign@gmail.com

See you in Essen! :-)